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Luxury Shoes & HandBags !

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massenger bag

Let me ask you something, Nick said. Why would Sara kill the guy? I mean, what?s her motive here?Maybe he came in while she was there, and she was defending herself, Vega answered. Why wouldn?t she call it in? That doesn?t make any sense, Nick said, shaking his head ?no?. Look, don?t take this the wrong way. I?m not the one who?d say this. But someone else might. Like the press, or someone trying to cause problems. They might say that Sara and this guy had dealings, you know? Like maybe she was getting paid to throw off the investigation or something. But something went wrong and she offed him. Left him, figuring he?d be mush by the time the hazmat team got there to clean up. Or she could have easily torched the place later, after everything settled down. Lots of flammable chemicals in there. mutiny bag of oats mp3
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